About Biothera Pharmaceuticals

Biothera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is advancing Imprime PGG, a clinical-stage oncology immunotherapeutic that acts as an “ignition switch” to drive a robust, coordinated anti-cancer immune response. While cancers can actively avoid detection by the immune system, Imprime PGG can overcome this by re-awakening the body’s innate defenses. Biothera has established extensive proof of concept and safety results for its lead asset in combination with anti-cancer antibodies and is pursuing additional clinical and translational research in 2016 prior to planned initiation of registration Phase 2/3 studies of Imprime PGG in 2018. Biothera has partnered with Merck, Eli Lilly and Company, and Cancer Research UK and has entered research collaborations with The Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, Dartmouth, and the Wistar Institute. In addition, Biothera has assembled an intellectual property portfolio for Imprime PGG consisting of more than 100 US & international patents and patents pending.

About Imprime PGG

Imprime PGG (Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan) is a systemically administered, yeast-derived beta glucan PAMP, or Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterning molecule, that ignites the body’s own immune system to fight cancer by stimulating the activation of innate immune effector cells. Imprime PGG triggers a fully functional, coordinated anti-cancer immune response, enhancing the efficacy of anti-tumor monoclonal antibodies and checkpoint inhibitors.