Biothera Pharmaceutical Inc.



Biothera is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to developing novel drugs that engage the body’s own immune system to kill cancer cells. Cancer can create an immunosuppressive environment that enables it to avoid detection by the immune system. Biothera’s investigational immunotherapeutic drug Imprime PGG triggers a coordinated anti-cancer immune response involving both the innate and adaptive immune systems by first binding cells of the innate immune system, enabling these cells to recognize and kill antibody-targeted cancer cells directly and to stimulate the anti-cancer activities of the adaptive immune system. In clinical trials, Imprime PGG has shown great promise in multiple cancer types, including non-small lung cancer, colorectal cancer and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Biothera is a leader in immunological approaches to fighting cancer, which are becoming a cornerstone of cancer therapy.

Clinical Trials

Biothera has a robust pharmaceutical development program that includes advanced clinical trials to treat colorectal cancer, non small cell lung cancer and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. In addition, Biothera has discovered a predictive biomarker that may identify which cancer patients will best respond to Imprime PGG treatment.

Research Highlights

aacr Biothera presented new data at the American Association for Cancer Research’s 2015 annual meeting that shows its investigational cancer immunotherapy drug Imprime PGG has the potential to initiate a coordinated anti-tumor response involving both the innate and adaptive immune systems. Imprime PGG Elicits Dramatic Expansion of Cytotoxic T Cell Imprime Shows Potential to Enhance Efficacy of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Imprime PGG Modulates the Function of Macrophages and Dendritic Cells to Drive Expansion of Anti-cancer T Cells Imprime PGG Alleviates Immune Suppression by Regulatory T Cells, Enabling CD4 and CD8 T Cell Proliferation

Media Highlights

Can Innate Immune Cells Engage in Anti-Tumor Activity? That is the title of a May 2014 article in Oncology Business Review by Biothera’s Chief Scientific Officer Myra Patchen, Ph.D. Last year Dr. Patchen was interviewed by Biotech Strategy Blog about Imprime PGG and its non-small lung cancer clinical results.

“I will say upfront that what I saw and researched about this particular company and its lead product blew me away…”  


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