Biothera Pharmaceutical Inc. Management

Barry Labinger
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Labinger has nearly three decades of pharmaceutical and biotech industry experience, with leading roles at Emergent BioSolutions, Human Genome Sciences, 3M Pharmaceuticals, and Immunex.  He most recently served as Executive Vice President and President, Biosciences Division, at Emergent BioSolutions Inc., where he was responsible for all aspects of product development, manufacturing, and commercialization, including the advancement of partnering initiatives. Mr. Labinger has an MBA degree from J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management and bachelor’s degree in economics from Northwestern University. 

Steve Smith
Mr. Smith is president of Biothera Pharmaceutical Inc. Previously he was the company’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Development. Mr. Smith has more than 30 years of international experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences sectors in the United States and Europe. Before joining Biothera in 2008, he held senior positions in business development, operations, sales management and research at Amersham International and Sigma Aldrich Corp. 

José Iglesias, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Iglesias is responsible for clinical development, medical affairs, and other functions related to the advancement of Imprime PGG. He has 25 years of global experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having held senior positions with responsibility for cancer research and drug development. Before joining Biothera, Dr. Iglesias was Chief Medical Officer of Bionomics Ltd. He previously held several leadership positions at Abraxis BioScience, Celgene Corporation and Eli Lilly. Dr. Iglesias received a Medical degree from Montevideo School of Medicine (University of the Republic, Uruguay) and is the author of more than 60 papers.

Jeremy Graff, Ph.D.
SVP Research and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Graff is responsible for research and new technology development. Previously, he was a Research Fellow and Group Leader, Oncology Patient Tailoring, Eli Lilly and Company. Prior to joining Lilly, Dr. Graff completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, establishing that metastasis suppressor genes could be epigenetically inactivated in human cancers. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky, studying oncogenic ras signaling.

Richard Huhn, M.D.
Senior Vice President and Medical Director
Dr. Huhn brings a combination of clinical and regulatory experience to his leadership role in Biothera’s clinical development program. His previous positions include director, Oncology Global Research, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Inc. and director, Immunology and Hematology/Oncology Experimental Medicine and Clinical Development, Pfizer, Inc. Dr. Huhn also was medical officer, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Office of Cellular Tissue and Gene Therapies, Clinical Evaluation Branch, Oncology Team. Dr. Huhn is board-certified in hematology and received his doctorate from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD.

Carey Anderson, MSc
Vice President, Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Ms. Anderson is responsible for Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Biothera. She has more than 18 years of global regulatory experience and her previous positions included Director and Global Regulatory Lead at Amgen, Senior Director of Global Regulatory Affairs at Baxter Healthcare and Director of Regulatory and Quality Assurance at Acceleron Pharma and Merrimack Pharmaceuticals. Anderson has a B.S. in Marketing and Business Administration from Drexel University and an M.S. in Molecular Biology from New York University, Sackler Institute.

Nandita Bose, Ph.D.
Vice President, Immunology
Dr. Bose manages two R&D teams focused on preclinical research and translational research at Biothera. Before joining Biothera in 2006, Dr. Bose completed post-doctorate research 3M Pharmaceuticals and the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute. She received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences from the University of Georgia and a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Bombay College of Pharmacy, University of Bombay.

Michele Gargano, MSc
Vice President, Development Operations
Ms. Gargano serves as the liaison to Biothera’s Clinical Advisory Board, oversees the investigator-initiated clinical trial program and coordinates various aspects of collaborative non-clinical research projects. She also manages cross-functional projects involving clinical, nonclinical, regulatory and CMC. In addition, Ms. Gargano manages Biothera’s publication plan and process. Before joining the company, Ms. Gargano was director of global product development for Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jamie Lowe
Vice President, Clinical Development

Mr. Lowe is responsible for the management of clinical trials with Imprime PGG, specifically, the company’s two Phase 2 studies in non-small cell lung cancer. Previously, Mr. Lowe held several positions in 3M Company’s Pharmaceutical Division, culminating with the position of Core Team Project Manager, R&D Administration.

Andrew Magee, Ph.D.
Vice President, Chemistry
Dr. Magee directs chemistry research for Biothera. He was Director of Chemistry at The Althexis Company Inc. and earlier at Alpha-Beta Technology, Inc. Dr. Magee earned a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Minnesota and an MBA at Babson College.