About Biothera

Biothera Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to unlocking the promise of cancer immunotherapy.

Our phase 2 drug Imprime PGG is a Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterning (PAMP) molecule that works like an immunological ignition switch to coordinate innate and adaptive immune responses. By more fully engaging the entire immune system, we can alter the protective microenvironment tumors often create to avoid detection and destruction. As a result, cancer cells become more vulnerable to immune attack.

Imprime PGG enhances the efficacy of multiple classes of anti-tumor monoclonal antibodies, including tumor-targeting, anti-angiogenic and checkpoint inhibitors (PD-1, PD-L1 antibodies). Imprime PGG has strong proof of concept based on extensive clinical experience (>400 subjects to date) and widespread signals of efficacy across a range of tumor types. Unlike other PAMPs, Imprime PGG can be administered systemically and is well tolerated.

Multiple clinical trials and translational research are underway to further optimize potential combinations with Imprime PGG. These studies will also provide additional data in support of a predictive biomarker that will inform our patient selection in future clinical trials.

Further, Biothera has assembled a broad intellectual property portfolio for Imprime PGG consisting of more than 100 US & international patents and patents pending. Our leadership team has extensive expertise in development and regulatory strategies, including in oncology. Based on current progress, Biothera is seeking to advance Imprime PGG into Phase 2/3 registration trials in multiple cancer indications in 2018.

We strive to become the recognized leader in innate immune modulation. Ultimately, we envision our novel therapeutics becoming essential components of multiple cancer immunotherapy combinations that enable more patients to live longer and healthier lives. And that is the promise of cancer immunotherapy.



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