Richard Mueller
Chief Executive Officer (Acting)
Mr. Mueller is acting Chief Executive Officer of Biothera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Biothera Holding Corp.  Previously Mr. Mueller was President and CEO of Biothera Holding Corp., focusing on its global immune health ingredient business (Biothera Health Inc.) with sales in more than 60 countries. He held numerous other executive management and board positions during his career, including: President, Textron Omniquip Alliance Group (NYSE: TXT); President/CEO, Weslock Inc.; Chairman/CEO, Playcore Inc. (AMEX: PCO); and Managing Director/President, Toro-Wheel Horse (NYSE: TTC). He has also held a number of senior management positions with both Toro and 3M Company earlier in his career. He received a bachelor’s degree from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

Jeremy R. Graff, PhD
President and Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Graff is President and Chief Scientific Officer with responsibility for Research, Clinical Operations and Manufacturing.  As Biothera’s Chief Scientific Officer since 2014, he has led research demonstrating the synergy between Imprime PGG and immune checkpoint inhibitors—the focus of Biothera’s clinical development plan.  Under Dr. Graff’s leadership, Biothera has refined its understanding of the anti-cancer therapeutic activity of Imprime PGG and further validated its biomarker-driven, patient selection strategies.  Before joining Biothera, Dr. Graff held numerous leadership positions at Eli Lilly and Company, culminating in his role developing the Lilly Translational Oncology effort. Prior to joining Lilly, Dr. Graff completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, researching epigenetic loss of metastasis suppressor genes. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky, studying oncogenic ras signaling and metastasis. He is a frequent author and serves on the editorial board for Cancer Research, the flagship journal for the American Association of Cancer Research.

Andrew D. C. LaFrence, CPA
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 
Mr. LaFrence has 35 years of accounting and finance experience, including executive management positions at public and private life sciences companies.  Previously, he was Vice President Finance, Information Systems and Chief Financial Officer at Surmodics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRDX) for five years.  Prior to Surmodics, Mr. LaFrence served as Chief Financial Officer for CNS Therapeutics, a venture-backed intrathecal drug company.  He was an audit partner at KPMG LLP where he focused on supporting venture-backed, high-growth medical technology, pharmaceutical, biotech and clean tech private and public companies.  Mr. LaFrence is a certified public accountant and has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a minor in business administration from Illinois State University. 

Steven Karel
Chief Business Officer
Mr. Karel is Chief Business Officer for Biothera Pharmaceuticals in addition to his responsibilities as Chief Financial Officer of Biothera Holding Corp.  Mr. Karel has extensive senior management experience in the research, development and commercialization of Imprime PGG and other beta glucan and immunotherapy technologies. From 2003-2015, he was Chief Operating Officer responsible for all research and technology development for Biothera Inc. (formerly a subsidiary of Biothera Holding Corp.). In addition to his role as COO, Mr. Karel served as Chief Financial Officer at Biothera Inc. from 1998-2004. He has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of St. Thomas and began his career as a CPA with KPMG LLP.